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TS260 Kit
TS261 Kit
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PM Eartip Lineup with Part Number and Size
PM Eartip Lineup with Part Number and Size
The PM range of select series single use eartips were created in response to the popularity of some newer testing devices. For OAE, the mushroom style eartip of the PM0XX series is a great choice. For basic screening, the PM1XX eartips help simplify size selection while providing a quality seal.
TS260 Inside view
TS260 Outside view
TS261 Inside View
TS261 Outside View
TS262 Inside View
TS262 Outside View
The TS260 kit contains 25 of every PM single use eartip.
The TS261 kit contains 10 of each eartip shown, 5-18.5 mm.
TS262 Kit
The TS262 kit contains  each PM Multi-Size eartip shown, 5-15 mm. Perfect to simplify size selection.