- ECP, UGS, SNS, SGS probes
Select Series: OT
OT- UGD, SND, SGD probes
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OT 100 series lineup
OT 200 series lineup
OT 300 series lineup
OT001 kit inside view
OT002 kit outside view
(Left) The OT001 kit contains 50 of each of the following eartips: OT035, OT045, OT055, OT065
(Right) The OT002 kit contains 25 of each eartip in the OT2XX series
OT 100/200 series top view, example of ECP, UGS, SNS, SGS probe
OT 300 series top view, example of UGD, SND, SGD probe
OT003 kit, outside view
(Left) The OT003 kit contains 25 of each eartip in the OT3XX series
OT Select Series Single Use Eartips were designed to fit two different varients of probe design. Both styles of OT eartip keep consumables costs low while providing a new clean eartip for every patient. This allows for better infection control without the costly process of sterilization for reuse.