Clinical Single Use Eartips
Single Use Eartips  provide cost-effective infection control and eliminate the need for cleaning or sterilizing. These eartips are for use with acoustic immittance instruments, otoacoustic emission systems and audiometric  insert earphones.  Sets of Single Use Eartips are packaged in a durable, reusable box.  Refill packages of 100  eartips are available by individual size.  All products shown are produced without latex.
Smaller offices needing the full size selection of 4-16mm may prefer the TS211 with 10 of each KR eartip, sizes 4-16.
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KR Lineup with titles
TS212 Kit

For larger offices the TS212 offers 25 of each KR Eartip.
TS210 Kit

For offices who see alot of smaller ears the TS210 with the KR036, 4, and 6-13mm may be a good fit.
TS212 Inside view
TS212 Outside view
TS211 Outside view
TS211 Kit
TS210 Inside view
TS213 Outside view
TS213 Inside view
Perfect for those who want 10 of Each KR Eartip including the KR036 and MF003.
TS213 Kit