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Grason & Associates, LLC was founded in 1996 as a cost-effective manufacturer of specialty products for the medical, safety and telecommunications industries. Since then we have expanded our products to include Clinical Single Use Eartips, Earphone Cushions, Pediatric Earphone Cushions, Flat-Style Screening Single Use Eartips, Multi-Size Single Use Eartips, LoudStop earplugs, and providing OEM custom molding services. Now located in Rindge, NH USA, Grason & Associates, LLC continues our commitment to quality on every product we design and/or sell.
If you would rather call, our telephone number is (603)899-3089. We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about our products.
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Grason & Associates, LLC  PO Box 289, Rindge NH 03461 603 899 3089, FAX 603 899 9747