Designed for OAE and tymp screening, these Multi-Size Single Use Eartips are made from softer material for better attenuation from external noise and increased patient comfort.  The multi-flanged design makes fitting size less critical for simplified ear canal assessment and fast eartip selection. They fit the same popular brands as our Clinical Single Use Eartips.

The MF-1XX Single Use Eartips were created in response to customer feedback, asking for a multi-flanged eartip that spreads the sizes over a greater overall length. The change in aspect ratio makes it much easier to get a positive seal on patients with smaller ear canal sizes.
Multi-Size Single Use Eartips
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MF Lineup with Titles
TS371 Inside View
TS371 Outside View
TS372 Inside View
TS372 Outside View
TS371 Kit
The TS371 kit contains all MF0XX eartips.
TS372 Kit
The TS372 kit contains all MF eartips This kit is perfect for screening programs.